"Thanks for ripping my heart in two." - Ian

The holidays can be brutal for everyone, but they're especially difficult for anyone dealing with heartbreak. People like Ian K, who, as you'll see, is still reeling from a recent breakup with his girlfriend. But instead of wallowing in self-pity, or lashing out at the girl who dumped him by bombarding her with hundreds of creepy texts and weepy voicemails in a lame attempt to rekindle a romance that wasn't meant to be, he decided to take the high road. Or at least a slightly higher road.

Using Facebook's new mushy video gimmick #SayThanks, Ian created a montage to let his ex know he was still thinking about her, drinking about her, crying in the shower over her, even listening to Adele all by himself.

Ian told Huffington Post that even though the video didn't win her back, it did make her laugh. And if nothing else, there's now a beautiful, permanent keepsake to remind them that she broke his heart.


(by Jonathan Corbett)

Sources: Huffington Post