Is your penis bigger than a grown woman's arm?


Condoms are so great. They protect us during sexual intercourse from unwanted pregnancies and STDs. Most of the time! I'm not a doctor, if you get pregnant or chlamydia, don't tell a real doctor that a blogger said condoms are foolproof, please.

Anyway, condoms are great and you should use them. I have personally never had a man say to me his d*ck is too big to fit in a condom. I'm sure there are men who do say this, but in general I've been lucky enough to have partners that want to wrap it up for our mutual protection. To the ladies or gentlemen who are unlucky enough to be naked and about to get down with a guy who has the special mix of irresponsibility and narcissism needed to announce that his member is too powerful to be contained, please show them the tweet above.

The tweeter is an 18-year-old named Emily, who teaches contraceptive methods in Utah schools. She's gotten a lot of flack from defensive men, saying "one size does not fit all!" which she agrees with. Her point is to level-up if you need to. There are plenty of options and safe sex is good sex.

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