A dude on Tinder may have just connected with his soul mate using rap lyrics from Eminem's hit, "Stan." Because when you think of romance, you think of the guy who constantly writes about how he is going to kill his ex-wife.


"Stan" is a song about a fan who kills himself. Romantic, right?

When desperation works, a Tinder miracle.

This girl thought so.

She even edited the lyrics to reference their previous convo in rhyme. What a catch.

No specific date planned, but she's definitely interested.

Now she's chasing him?

Eminem's charm is undeniable, that's probably how he got Kim to marry him again even after he vividly described locking her in his truck and driving his car into a lake.

When you get your 15 minutes, everyone wins.

Well, this post DID make it to the front page of /r/tinder, so looks like this girl better start saving up money for enough booze to combat all those "downers." Have fun out there you wacky kids!