"No. No. OK. No. Gross. Die. WTF. No. Bye. *Screenshot.* Ew. OK. No. Never."

Congratulations you just spent 2 minutes sorting through all the horny garbage people of Tinder. Sure, there are some online-dating diamonds in the rough, but in order to find them you have to dish out a lot of rejectionSomeecards asked our readers, "Why did you swipe left?" The answers will make you laugh, cringe, and possibly vow to be single forever.


1. Because it takes a village to get you laid.

2. Hey pal, save some infants and firearms for the rest of us!

3. Because that might be code for butt-stuff.

4. Tinder, you're fired.

5. Just hope he's not the one kissing the bride.

6. Ruin your life once, shame on you. Ruin it twice, shame on Tinder.