Twins are notorious for getting into some weird stuff, like becoming jewelry thieves or pretending to be time travelers. So, dating someone who is a twin has to be weird too, right? Right? Do you get attracted to both of them? What if yours is the evil one? What does which twin you choose say about you? And the biggest question: what if they decide to become magicians?


Not everyone gets a chance to get these answers, because twins are rare, but these nine people who are romantically involved with a twin spilled the beans so you can get a glimpse of what its like to date one part of a matching set without having to type "twins" into a porn search bar.

1. ​chemwhizzz47 says her husband and his twin husband creep her out, but it's worth it to always have a "spare."

So my husband is an identical twin, but I've known him & his brother since I was 8 years old. I haven't legit gotten them confused with each other since about then (20 some odd years ago) but they definitely creep me out sometimes with their "twinstuff". They can wake up in completely different states, meet up later that evening and be wearing the EXACT same outfit. This has happened so many times it's not even a question of coincidence anymore. I'm not talking about they both show up in t-shirt and jeans, either. We went on vacation a couple of years ago and they both came down for breakfast wearing bright orange button-up shirts and blue, white and orange striped swimming trunks. Different brands, bought in different stores, with NO communication with each other. So creepy.

As for the confusing romantic stuff? Yeah, sure. There's been some awkward encounters (mostly because the twin apparently agrees with his brother that I'm pretty hot, especially when drinks are involved). It honestly turns out to be a pretty sweet deal, though. It's like having a spare dude to hang with when my hubby is out of commission.