Meeting the parents is a big step in a relationship that, over the years, has been heavily lampooned in media—for a reason. A lot can go wrong when you're meeting a significant other's parents for the first time, whether the meeting was planned or completely accidental.


One can inadvertently toss out insults, clog a toilet, or witness death—a few examples of what happened in these 25 stories shared on Twitter and a number of different Reddit threads. The tales cover pretty much all the bases of embarrassing and terrible situations that could arise during an initial meeting. 

1. The first lesson for meeting a parent is to never make assumptions, like this poor person did

I met his mom and said "oh this must be your grandmother"

2. It's nice that Zavarakatranemi's ex's mom could be happy for her son.

I was at my ex's house while his mother was away (we were both 20) and we were having sex quite happily and loudly. After we both finished, and I was laying half-on top of him, the door opened and his mother stared at us from outside his room.

She had this cold smirk on her lips, turned to her son, simply said "Hey X, congratulations, but keep it down, will ya?" and walked away. I was so embarassed, I got dressed in record time, trying to sneak out as fast and quietly as possible, and I didn't even put on my underwear to save time.

She was waiting for me at the kitchen, looking way too amused by the situation. As I passed by, she coughed to get my attention and said "You must be Z. Let's have a chat, shall we?" as she patted a chair for me to sit.

I had no choice but to sit down, panties and bra in hand, and talk to her for the first time.

TL;DR My ex's mom caught us having sex, then forced me in a convo with her while I was still holding my underwear