A particularly entertaining recent AskReddit solicited calls for "a quote from the worst date you've been on."

It was particularly entertaining because terrible dates are hilarious to view from a safe distance, through the glow of your computer screen. As opposed to watching them unfold like a movie from the middle of a busy restaurant while your date's screaming obscenities about the waiter's ethnicity.


Anyway, the people on Reddit have been on approximately infinity terrible dates. It's a lot of awkward.

1. Petgreg probably tipped well and then had a drink with her driver instead of her date.

"Why are you being polite to him? He's a cab driver."

2. Another vehicular error, from procrastiwriter, that proves you should just meet at the restaurant.

While I'm driving on the highway, "so what does this do?" pulls handbrake

It does this!

3. Hopefully bestbeloved was not on a first date.