- You do really well with chicks for one of my uglier friends

Better way of saying "you look like you have a good personality."

That moment when a fleeting look of happiness gives way to a defeated frown... it's a thing of beauty. That's why we love the backhanded compliment. It's simple, elegant and ruthlessly efficienct. It's also the only kind of compliment we give. Below we've collected 14 of our best backhanded compliments for you to send to your friends, enemies, and random Facebook and Twitter jerks. Or you can always try your hand at crafting you own in our user card section. - You're surprisingly well-educated for an American

Make sure whoever you're sending this to actually knows how to read. - If I had your penis I'd think with it, too.

For someone with a wise and worldly penis. - You're going to make some lucky feline very happy someday

Especially when you die and it gets to eat your corpse! - Thanks for making me feel better about my own problems

For the person you can always count on to have a shittier life than yours. - You're really fun when it's not appropriate to be

Great for someone who's always the life of the funeral! - I can't think of anyone I'd rather be in a dysfunctional relationship with

For the best worst thing to ever happen to you. - Your presentation will be inspirational for anyone actually listening

Don't worry—there's no such thing as an inspiring presentation. - Spending two hours getting ready every morning really brings out your natural beauty

Effortless beauty takes a lot of effort. - You're extremely reliable sometimes

For the person you can always count on to occasionally be there for you. - You're going to make the best single mom someday.

Let someone know they're full of love, just unlovable themselves. - You have a real talent for milking a dick joke

You had us at "milking a dick." - Any man would be lucky to have and objectify you.

Sounds like our wedding vows. - Your new haircut looks great and exactly the same to me

The important thing is: you noticed.



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