(Screencap via ABC7)

Just when you had given up on humanity and were all packed up to move into the woods, humanity goes and does something to make you believe in it again. 


Some burglars broke into an office, climbing in through the walls, cutting phone cables and side-stepping alarm systems (which means, according to the movie Heat, that they are "technically proficient. Proficient enough to go in on the prowl"). They stole several computers and valuables and seemed to be in and out within minutes.

Unbeknownst to the burglars, the office they were robbing housed the San Bernardino County Sexual Assault Services, a non-profit group that has no sign outside identifying what they do, for the sake of protecting victims who might seek their help. 

According to CBS Los Angeles, several transients who regularly slept outside the office, and who were often fed by Candy Stallings, the woman who runs the charity, were informed of the break-in and said they would do what they could to find out who was responsible. That seems to have worked.

The burglars apparently found out who they had robbed, and they must not have been keen on the idea of ending up in the gross part of hell where they put people who steal from rape victims. Within two hours, the police called Stallings again, and told her there was more suspicious activity at the office. When she returned, she found a shopping cart containing all of their computers and valuables. Tucked into the stolen laptop was the remorseful note: