We've always tried to be kind to our bartenders for the simple reason that they control the alcohol. But in the age of the internet, they can also control whether you're ever allowed to drink in a public place again. After a customer stiffed his bartender on a tip, instead using the receipt to tell her she "could stand to loose [sic] a few pounds," the bartender sought vengeance by posting the receipt on her Facebook page. The receipt was hastily reblogged and within 48 hours the entire internet knew his name, his Facebook page, what Frat he belonged to, and that he works at Microsoft, and Seattle restaurant workers began organizing to ban him from being served. Considering where he works, he probably understands being despised by the world at large. You'd think he'd also be aware that if you want to be cruel you don't do it on a slip of paper underneath your full name and signature, you do it anonymously in a comments section like everybody else.

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[ Via Jezebel, The Stranger, Victoria Liss on Facebook]