These Irish guys try to explain and figure out the purpose of several sex toys, and their bewilderment and occasional bashfulness is fantastic. Sometimes they're surprised by the weight or vibrating speed of the toys, and sometimes the accessories simply baffle them. They're presented with more toys than they knew were possible. And they gladly acknowledge that their tongues are no match for some of the functions. If they can't crack the mystery on their own, they then get to read the instructions aloud with those incredibly charming accents.

The variety of toys and their intended destinations make for some memorable quotes. See if you can guess which type of toy was the muse for these gems:

This is like, the logo for Prince, right?

It's like a little cartoon ghost. 

It's like one of the turtles' hands. You know, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

It kinda looks like it would do some damage. 


At least we know one guy is trying to be resourceful and creatively thoughtful: he discovered that the vibrating butt plug can also be used to relieve a headache in the temple. 

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