This week scientists decided to test a hypothesis that any man, woman, child or beast could predict: weather or not a woman's hotness would make a man less likely to "do it" sans latex, even if they suspected she had an STI.


In a survey published in BMJ, scientists showed 51 hetero dudes aged 19-61 pictures of women's faces and asked them to rate each one on the four most important factors about a woman:

1. Please rate the attractiveness of the following woman.

2. If you were single, how likely would you be to have sex with this woman should the opportunity arise?

3. If you were single and you were to have sex with this woman, how likely is it that you would use a condom?

4. How likely is this woman to have an STI?

And guess what they found? Guys would rather pound a smokeshow over an uggo, and even though they'd be happy to raw dog a ten, they make damn sure they bag it up with a two.

Or, as they stated more scientifically*:

The more attractive a woman was judged to be on average, the more likely participants would be willing to have sex with her (p<0.0001) and the less likely they were to intend to use a condom during sex (p<0.0001).

Sources: h/t ars technica