The story of losing your virginity may include that very embarrassing part when your parents unexpectedly walked in on you. The situation only gets worse when they're not your parents but your partner's catching you boinking their precious child. Sometimes before you've even met them

The horror. The embarrassment. The struggle.

Parents find out their kid(s) is no longer innocent to sexual intercourse in all sorts of ways: a visit to the clinic, a father and son bonding at a campfire, or a parent discovering a cup full of used condoms in their child’s closet. Those are just a few examples of what went on in these 19 painfully awkward stories shared on different Reddit threads, below.

1. The parents of guiding_blind's girlfriend thought their daughter was into way, way older men. (Note to young people: before cell phones, families often shared a single voicemail at their house. Often using cassette tapes.)

After my family and I relocated, my parents found out I was having sex when the gf's mother left a voicemail threatening to sue me for having sex with a minor. We were both the same age and it was certainly consensual. Although they were disappointed in hearing it in THAT context, they weren't too upset. They only emphasized the importance of protection and that was the end of it.