When it comes to sex, we all have our types. And sometimes, that type is "multi-breasted f*ck robot."

Nice of this person to put the "S" branding on the Segway wheels.

Robots, like so many things in this world, are something humans could potentially have sex with. But, most of the time, we don't. One reason why? Nobody's had the good sense to build a decent sex robot yet. 

To help jumpstart what will certainly be the sex-robot revolution, a weirdo hero at Vice got seven people to draw and explain their ideal sex robots. The 'bots span the range from humanoid to what are basically tactical f*ck boxes that could probably be launched into space without sustaining any damage. 

I'm going to wait for 2.0.

You can see all of the sex robots and read interviews with their creators on Vice's site.

Sources: Vice