The world's oldest profession—and its newer cousin industries such as phone sex and cam shows—isn't just about sex. Often it's about giving clients the kind of sex (and often just the kind of emotional/physical connection) that they can't get at home. Sometimes, it's because a client has a weird kink that they only feel comfortable revealing to a professional who won't reveal it to others. Other times, whether it's due to injury, trauma, or a bad domestic life, the stories of unusual requests people have—like simply being held—can be almost heartbreaking. One thing is for certain, though: in a world where revealing these things is impossible for most sex workers, the Internet is a godsend for these stories. Here, compiled from several different AskReddit threads, are 17 of the most fascinating tales from women and men whose time and attention are in high demand.

Oh, right. This is all (obviously) NSFW af. Seriously. If you get offended, we're blaming you.


1. Let's start off easy with this sacrilegiously non-sexual request from a webcam/phone sex worker in Israel. (via)

So, I'm Israeli and worked for a bit in webcams. We also did phone calls. Chats were monitered, phones weren't, sometimes the manager would write me things to say.

An Orthodox Jewish guy calls. Asks me questions about eating pork and seafood. The manager tries to feed me sexy lines linking shrimp and clitoris or whatnot, but the guy isn't interested. He just wants to hear me say I've eatten pork and it was so naughty and it tasted so good. Yeah, I drive on Saturday. I'm so bad.

edit: to clarify, my phone wasn't monitered but the webcam constantly was, so the manager could hear my side of the conversation but not the caller's. So he could hear me say "yeah, I've had shrimp last week" and tried to get me to take the conversation into a dirty direction.