Sometimes sex turns out to be a deeply, deeply unfortunate experience, as evidenced by some of the most fascinating sexual tales from Reddit's magnificent sub, Today I Fucked Up. No, it's not just about bad sex. It's about sex that ruins your life.

They know they f*cked up.

It goes without saying that the following stories are decidedly not safe for work, unless you're very good at shielding your computer from your boss. But you could get lost in these perverted fairytales for hours.

1. This is a strong, salacious beginning. From igetreallybored, a tale of 6-year-old confusion and adult awkwardness.

Background. My cousin and i (both male) were having a sleep over when we were around 6 years old. We started talking about girls and about how they could pee, we couldn't figure it out so we started to come up with ideas. One thing led to another and we started talking about how to have sex with a girl, since we had never seen a vagina we thought maybe it was the butt. Curious we proceeded to put our little peckers into each others butts and just lay there. One on his stomach and the other on top, we would switch positions.

"My stupid brain thought this would be a good way to finally break the ice on the situation."

At the time i thought nothing of it, but years down the road when i was a teenager i realized what the hell had happened. I tried my best to ignore this little piece of history and so did my cousin. But every time we would hang out as we grew up you could tell it was still awkward and was only getting worse. Fast forward 20 years and we are both married, out at dinner on a double date and we had an obviously gay waiter. My cousins wife remarks, "i don't understand how they can have sex with other men, that is just weird" I causally said "its pretty easy". Both wives look at me and i go "what, like you've never had causal gay sex with your cousin when you were 6 before?". My stupid brain thought this would be a good way to finally break the ice on the situation, i meant it to be so ridiculous that the wives would never think i was serious. Instead it led to a lengthy conversation of "what the hells" and "oh my fucking gods" as my cousin and i tried to explain to our wives why we had gay sex in a walk in closet at my grandmothers house at the age of 6.

TIFU by letting my wife and cousin's wife know that we had gay sex when we were children. In a restaurant, with a gay waiter. Im sure people overheard.