A Reddit thread prompting people to share the "weirdest thing" they're attracted to has revealed that Redditors aren't as kinky as you might have believed. And that a lot of people truly do have a thing for dad bods.


If you're desperate to get a mate and don't feel like growing a belly, there are a lot of other, completely normal physical attributes people are secretly into. Then of course, there are many relatively normal quirks you could develop.

1. ProfessorGigs likes it when women poison their hands with ink.

Women that have reminders written on the backs of their hands.

I can't explain it even if my life depended on it.

2. Samuel33334 is into people who might be dads, who are definitely hairy.

I'm really into guys who look like dads, mostly with a gut and a lot of body hair and facial hair is a huge plus. George Costanza is super hot, John Goodman in 10 Cloverfield lane was hot too.

3. Throwawayfornp97 might have some child issues.

​very obvious daddy issues

4. Cutemusclehead gives hope to all those ladies who can't help but look like they want to punch someone.

Girls with resting bitch face