For some people, sex is a very intimate and special bond. And then for a lot of people on Reddit, it's something you do to help out a friend—that was one of the many, diverse reasons that people shared as the tipping point for why they decided to have sex (always with a willing partner) in response to the question, "What's the worst reason you had sex with someone?" From the many given explanations, here are the 19 best thought processes that make a lot of sense when you think about what's at stake (sex, good TV, etc).

1. Shadie89 likes things to be hard.

She was in a leg cast and thought what a challenge

Barney is alive and well in spirit.

2. Wishful thinking, automator3000

Because I'd spent the prior couple hours certain that her better looking friend/roommate was trying to get me into a threesome. Hot friend said I should leave the party and go back to their place. Hot friend was playing wingman for her friend. By this time I was already deep enough in it that I thought maybe I'd still have a chance with hot friend.

3. NetherMop is a superhero by proxy.

Because her name was Storm.

I walked around drunkenly that night, telling all my buddies I had "the X-man dick."

4. Go_team_venture_ has good taste in TV.

He had cable and I wanted to watch Fargo. Worth it.

5. GatemouthBrown was simply being nice.