22-year-old model and YouTube star Cassandra Bankson went to the doctor because of what she thought was kidney pain — and discovered she has two vaginas.

Cassandra Bankson is a professional model who has struggled with acne since before she was 10. These days, she uses her popular YouTube channel, Diamondsandheels14, to share tips, tricks, and inspiration with others who struggle with acne. But last year, she learned that there was something else that makes her unique, as you can see in the above piece from Barcroft TV — she has two vaginas.

As Bankson explains in the video above (as well as her expanded explanation below, which is very worth checking out), she's always had very bad cramps and irregular periods. But when she saw an ill duck at her grandmother's house a couple of years ago and then experienced some pain in her kidney area, it set in place a chain of events that lead to her discovering that she only had one kidney...and two vaginas.

Bankson hoped that having two vaginas might help explain her acne problem, but according to Dr. Dena Harris, who she visits in the Barcroft TV video above, that's unlikely.


Bankson also said in her explanation video that she's down to answer viewer questions about having two vaginas. If you have a question, you can Tweet her at @SincerelyCass11 or comment on her YouTube video, and she might answer it in a future video.

Sources: Barcroft TV