We see you, engaged people.

And we see your ring, so carefully placed in your Instagram photos so it can be admired while you can seem like, "This old thing? This old, expensive, diamond thing?" We all know what you're up to, and I'd like to make it even easier for you. Here are some ideas for how to incorporate your engagement ring into an Instagram photo without looking like you meant to. (P.S. Congratulations.)


1. Hold a glass of wine. 

If you hold a mason jar full of alcohol at the right angle, you can send a lot of messages to your followers. You're getting married, you're fun, and you're the type of person who pays for jars.

2. Learn how to do nail art. Take a picture of your nail art.

You're not going to have cool nail art and then not Instagram it. And if you happen to have a ring on one of your fingers that signifies that oh, you happen to be in love with a person who you're going to pair off with for life, it would definitely make sense in the shot.