This is what can happen if you abuse your children and then demand to be included in their happiness.

'Till "fuck you" do us part. (stock photo)


23-year-old Alyssa Pearce has been estranged from her abusive parents since she ran away from home at 16. Despite the hard childhood, Pearce has managed to move on with her life. She is working toward earning a Ph.D. in applied linguistics, has plenty of friends, and found a loving and supporting person to marry.

Typical to what Pearce calls "narcissist parents," her folks are trying to worm their way back in. As she posted to reddit five months ago, "Now they're trying to bully their way (via family, they haven't bothered to speak to me personally) into getting an invitation to my wedding."

"There was really only one way to respond."

Sending this letter is a way better wedding gift than a toaster oven. (via Imgur)

According to BuzzFeed, she penned the sentiment in Word, and printed it out on the original wedding stationary because, "if you're going to send someone a memorable 'stuff you,' you've really got to put in some effort. You may as well go all-out."

One commenter pointed out that narcissists are drama-seekers and manipulators and that she might want to avoid giving them "evidence of 'bad behavior' to go crazy about, [something to] show to people while distorting the story, and in general stoke the flames of their madness."

Pearce responded, "I did consider this before sending, but I'm sick of it and even if things do get worse, I'll at least feel that little bit better about having stood up for myself for once."

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