In happier, drier times.

Serious question: Has a successful wedding party photo taken on a dock ever been pulled off? Even if it has been done, there's plenty of evidence to support the case that it's still a terrible idea and the odds are not in your favor. 22 people on a tiny dock would be a bad idea if everyone were wearing bathing suits. Put everybody in gowns and tuxedos and you're practically begging to be viral video stars. And not in a good way. In the "who the hell thought that was a good idea?" Way.

That's exactly what happened to Dan and Jackie Anderson of Crosslake, Minnesota, who took the plunge over the weekend.

I have no clue who came up with the idea for the shot, but based on the professional quality of the video, I suspect it was the work of an usher with an editing suite and a connection at America's Funniest Videos.

Or maybe it was a sign from God. Not a harbinger of doom, just a cosmic nudge to point out that 22 people is probably too many for a wedding party.


(by Jonathan Corbett)

Sources: Sunny Skyz