There are certain classic elements of a bachelor party: bros, alcohol, the occasional sex worker. This, combined with the expectation for the groom-to-be to behave like a complete jackass because it’s his “last night of freedom,” can often lead to some really bad choices. These redditors bravely shared their stories of bachelor parties gone wrong.

And chips. You gotta have chips.

1. CrazyPlato saw some bad rubbing at a bachelor party that’s not the usual bad rubbing at a bachelor party.

I have a friend who had his bachelor party last year. Two of his friends (who were both friendly to each other, but were naturally aggressive and volatile) rubbed each other the wrong way during the first few hours and got into a massive fight. They had to be broken up and sent home. They'd only had time to get one round of drinks at this point.

2. Before you break a glass at your wedding, do like they did at this bachelor party Kejoriv went to and break a bunch of your bones.

I was a groomsmen in a wedding where the bachelor party was a week from the wedding. Groom got so drunk and fell off a deck 3 floors up. Broke both of his wrists and had to have his head shaved so he could get stitches above his right ear. The bride and her family were thrilled. My buddy really hasnt gotten drunk since. This was 4 yeara ago. Ill scan the wedding picture when I have a chance.