Planning a wedding is always stressful, but for one bride-to-be, there is more to worry about than just deciding between cake flavors and making a guest list. Reddit user richbiche asked the advice of the internet after writing about how her older sister, who she describes as "cruel, selfish, and conceited," just offered her $10,000 to make her the maid of honor over her younger sister, who is a person who the bride actually likes. Yeah, the description the bride gave her conniving older sister is pretty spot-on.

How I personally envision this woman.

My older sister Mary was always daddy's little girl and she grew up cruel, selfish, and conceited just like him. My little sister and I have never been close with her or our father but we've always been there for each other.

When my father passed last year he left Mary the bulk of his estate. Mary is flashing about town with the cash while my sister and I have been struggling to help our ailing mother get by. Mary visits our mom once in awhile and spends her time there making the kind of cruel comments our father made and texting. I really don't like her but she mostly ignored me until now.

My younger sister Anne has always been the great beauty of the three of us and my older sister has always reserved the best of her vitriol for Anne. I know showing up Anne is probably the only reason Mary wants to be my maid of honor.