It was a magical day. Not a dry or unswelled eye in the house. (Via)

This majestic memory was shared by redditor Tfoster7102 with the not-beating-around-the-bush title, "So I jumped, kicked this bridesmaid in the head, and ripped my pants." 


Pics and it happened!

As if being a bridesmaid didn't suck enough, this poor girl had the added indignity of being kicked in the face while one of poor man's Seth McFarlane's balls tried to make a break for it. But, look on the bright side. She got to steal focus from the bride with some very well-earned sympathy attention at the reception, and stealing focus from the bride is an undisputed victory in the grand tradition of Wedding Warfare.

Let's take a closer look at what went down here.

Here we see our anti-hero at the exact split-second when he realizes he didn't think things through. Look into his eyes and you can spot the glimmer of hope that he might somehow have jumped high enough to get caught up in an orbit, preventing him from ever touching the ground again where he might face charges of assault and indecent exposure, not to mention bridal accusations of having ruined the special, special day.

Sources: Redditor Tfoster7102