Imgur user XVPComedy posted this photo of him and his future fiancée riding Splash Mountain at Disney World, because that was the moment he thought was most appropriate for whipping out a diamond ring. You know, when he had the full attention of his intended. He writes:

My wife and I have always been huge Disney fans. We both grew up going every year. She knew that I had bought a ring, so the only thing I had left was the element of surprise. I knew what her favorite ride was, and I knew that the last place she would expect me to pop the question was the drop... The Disney Cast Members helped with everything. It was perfect.

So this is how they will remember their engagement:

She said, "AAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!"

Okay, bullshit. How is that thing empty? There should be 6 other people who have been waiting to go on this ride for over 2 hours seated behind them. This ride is a miracle of love and oiling some white-gloved Mickey Mouse palms, that's for sure.

Sources: XVPComedy