A guy is being charged with obstruction of a highway after stopping traffic to propose to his fiancée.

Vidal Valladares Navas proposed in the middle of the I-45 Freeway near downtown Houston on Sunday, stopping traffic to romance his girlfriend and inconvenience everyone else. There are many other ways to go viral without halting ambulances—he should have just went with kids or puppies instead of a traffic jam.


As you can see, the romance was hilariously overtaken by angry honks.

One of the people Valladares inconvenienced just so happened to be an off-duty cop, who gave the testimony needed to press charges. Valladares ended up having to turn himself in to the police, and could possibly face six months in jail, or a fine that will likely be the size of their entire wedding fund.

Houston's ABC 13 posted the video to its Facebook page, leading locals to get into a heated debate as to whether or not this proposal was as romantic as it was reckless.

Some found it sweet:

Sources: ABC13