Hope you don't mind, but I blew the money for the ring to pay an improv group to do the Gangnam Style gallop.


This $20,000 (!!!) Gilt Group deal is perfect for anyone who has no creative ability of their own, but still wants to ask someone to make one of the biggest decisions of their life while distracting them as much as possible with a bunch of jugglers on unicycles. We here at Happy Place are staunch supporters of the effort to defend the sanctity of marriage. We don't care about the gender, race, or species of the life-forms getting married, we just want to deny the instiitution to anyone who would share their wedding proposal with the paint thinner addicts who populate YouTube. And no, there is absolutely no chance that anyone would stage an intricately choreographed marriage proposal solely for the wonder of the moment. They're doing it for maybe the saddest reason of the modern age: the views count. And perhaps out of fear of rejection, since the person being proposed to is given the implicit message, "Say yes or you'll disappoint three improv groups and a buttload of mimes."

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