Couples with weird engagement photos are one of the few reasons why you still have a Facebook account. They don't pollute your feed with lovey-dovey photos taken at some lush green park. Instead, they amuse you by letting zombies run amok in their pics, like one of these 18 couples who refused to stick to clichés in their engagement photos.

1. Love is better in bulk.

I choose you over a discounted pack of car oil any day.

In May, Redditor Kartarsh shared her engagement photos, which were taken in the nation’s #1 place to devour free food samples: Costco Wholesale. (Read more).

2. This engagement shoot started off sweet until the undead attacked.

"Honey, you've got ketchup on your face again." "It's not ketchup... IT'S BLOOD."

"The couple that slays together, stays together," Imgur user TheThirstyMoose quipped. Full album, below: