This is what happens when Philly ladies show up in the same dress.


The brawl alledgedly started because one wedding party had a cash bar, but decided to take drinks from another wedding party that had an open bar. Three people were arrested, and the uncle of one of the brides (celebrating his 57th birthday) died of a heart attack hours later. Just a normal weekend in the City of Brotherly Love. The city where Santa Claus was knocked unconscious at an Eagles game by ice balls hurled at his head. The city where this author once saw one of the Irish Tenors booed at a Phillies game because he sang a verse of "God Bless America" that Philly fans were too stupid to recognize. The city where winning the Super Bowl leads to millions of dollars in riot damage. The city that ended a Waco-style standoff in the '80s by calling in a napalm strike on its own citizens. The city where this author, and this country, was born.

Sources: Gawker