Reddit user DrOttoDO isn't getting married anytime soon, but she still has something to celebrate—she's close to getting her medical degree. So she sent out this Save the Date to her friends and family instead:


A cute way to celebrate the completion of a lot of hard work, right? Not according to Reddit, where many of the commenters saw her as oh no a woman doctor!!!! "smug." Here's a sampling of some of the responses:

Based on this post, I predict you may be one of those residents who posts very inside-baseball humblebrags about your residency life. Stuff that is legitimately hard it ultimately makes you look pretty douchey to your non-Doctor friends ("omg I've been up for 25 hours and I still have 3 spinal taps left!" "OMG ICU consults at 4:57pm with only an MS-III with me?"). Don't be that resident. Really - don't.

That's neat. It's self aggrandizing in the guise of self deprecating.

I always feel that people who do this are completely desperate and emotionally destroyed. Or they think it's legitimately funny. Not sure which is worse.

And her 17 cats