Bucking tradition.

Photographer Jarrett Hucks isn't a fan of working with large animals, due to their unpredictable nature. But he's not paid to be a party planner, he makes his living taking photos. Which is why, when one Myrtle Beach, California bride hired him to take pictures of her wearing her wedding dress riding a horse on the beach, he decided to go along with it. As she put it, "you only live once." So why not go all-in and go for one unforgettable shot of the bride on top of a 1200-pound beast out of his element?

Hucks wound up getting the unforgettable shot, along with a bonus video of the bride getting dumped on her face in the sand.


Aside from a few bruises, the bride was fine. And while it must suck to get bucked from a horse in your wedding dress, at least it happened on a beach and not in the church parking lot.

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