A collection of some of the wildest and weirdest wedding cakes ever baked.

1. Wedding Cake: The Movie

Action! Suspense! Dutch chocolate sponge with a layer of Bavarian raspberry creme! (via Pinterest)


2. Wedding Cake 2: Bride of Cake

This time, the cake cuts back. (via DumpADay)

3. Wedding Cake 3: The Kong of Groomcake

How nice! A monkey holding chocolatey, brown plops.
Sorry, I'm not hungry anymore.
(via imgur)

4. The Nail Salon Mangler Cake

"Someone, or something, is making cakes with our costumers' severed hands." (via CakeWrecks)

5. The Red Wedding Cake

All men must dine... on cake. (via Zap2It)

6. The Bloody Severed Finger Cake

This cake is only appropriate for getting married on Halloween to a Frankenstein monster who owns a year-round costume supply store. (via favoredbyyodit)

7. The Severed Deer Head Cake

A wedding cake adorned with deer trophies, perfect for your trophy wife.
(via Maggie's Farm)

8. The Off-roader Cake

Doesn't look as much like mud tracks so much as it looks like a toy truck is leaking sludge down a wedding cake. (via Maggie's Farm)

9. The Tiered Steel-belted Cake

A beautifully crafted cake made special for a biker couple. I wonder how much the black fondant stains your tongue. (via Pinterest)

10. The Layered Beer Cake