A lot of little girls dream about their wedding day. The dress they're going to wear, the type of flowers they'll carry, maybe even the man that's inevitably going to disappoint them. One thing they forgot to count on was someone else stealing their spotlight and going viral without them. Here are the top people who made weddings all about them this year.

1. The boy who cried, "Poo."


Sh*t got real at Hannah and Ben Lienert's wedding when their 3-year-old son stopped the ceremony because he "needed to poo." If the bride hadn't already been wishing she'd tied the knot prior to having kids, this incident probably severely reduced the chances that kid will have more siblings.

2. The dad who totally made the stepdad cry.

It wasn't even a fist fight.

Father of the bride Todd Bachman was walking his daughter down the aisle when he suddenly stopped and grabbed the hand of his daughter's stepfather to walk alongside him. The tear-filled moment was captured by the photographer, and the story went viral. No doubt the bride wondered why they picked her moment to finally get along, but happy for them nonetheless.