Before they were married in May of this year, Chinese couple Lu Yiqin and Zhang Hedong were going through his old vacation photos when Yiqin noticed a familiar figure standing behind Hedong in one pic: her mom.

Another sign it was destiny: he's wearing a kickass Michael Jordan sweatshirt.

No, they weren't secretly long-lost siblings. It turned out that 16 years ago, on the same day that Hedong and his family were visiting the Giant Buddha in Wuxi, Lu's mom was visiting the same monument with her family. Lu's mom ended up in the background of Hedong's photo, in what might be the meet-cute with the slowest, least exciting payoff in history.

Here's Lu's mom wearing that same red jacket in her own pic.

But where was Lu that day? Why isn't anyone asking the hard questions?

It's a coincidence just too random for it NOT to mean Hedong and Yiqin are meant to be together forever.

True love confirmed!
Sources: h/t Mashable