A few weeks ago, we asked our readers to share stories of the worst guest they ever saw at a wedding—and the responses have been rolling in ever since. This is our fifth volume of matrimonial horror stories written by our fans (Vol 1, Vol 2, Vol 3, Vol 4). On the one hand, we're now terrified of marriage. On the other, we now feel way less bad about that time we passed out at a friend's wedding. That's nothing. At least we're not these 11 people:


1. Siri from Facebook attended a wedding where all three generations of one family managed to be horrible guests at once.

The worst wedding guest I've ever encountered was my niece's new mother-in-law. She wanted nothing to do with the wedding planning, but then showed up half an hour late (after the outdoor ceremony had already begun), and at the reception, tried to rearrange the buffet and cake tables to her liking since she didn't like the way things had been set up.

About 30 min. into the reception, she left with her daughter (groom's sister) supposedly to go get the newly married couple a wedding present. What no one realized until they had been gone for awhile is that the daughter left her 15-month old baby there toddling around with no one actually watching her. The child climbed onto the table and started demolishing the wedding cake.

The sister also had 2 other, older, children who were left unattended, but they were out running around somewhere playing in the park. The pair returned after about an hour or so (no wedding present in sight) and the mother starts tearing down all the decorations saying she thought the reception was "over."

She then made the photographer redo all the pictures so she and her daughter could be in them. She also made a scene because no one made a dress for "Mary." Mary was the groom's little sister and one of the kids left running around that day. I guess that comment was directed at me, since I had made a white dress for the bride's little sister, who was the flower girl. In the end, we had to rearrange the cake for pics of the cake cutting so that the damage the child made wouldn't show, but there is a baby bottle clearly visible in every single damn picture of the cake.