Marriage is what brings us together, and when people are brought together, disasters occur. We can't help it—we're animals. Even (or especially) at a ceremony that represents the civilizing of our baser urges, people get drunk, try to have sex, cry, throw tantrums, fight, have unanticipated bodily functions, and most of all, ruin everything. But everyone loves these stories and videos, and that's why they're so eager to share them when they're asked online, like in the AskReddit forum, over and over and over and over. Here are 23 of the best of the worst things to happen at weddings.

1. Let's start off with a story that could have turned out terribly but ends up being kind of awesome, as told by bridesmaid foxymoron.

I was a bridesmaid at this wedding. The groom's ex girlfriend (who was not invited) snuck into the church, and as the bride and groom were exchanging vows, started smashing dishes and throwing pots and pans around the church kitchen in the basement. Groom's sister dragged her outside and sat on her until the cops came. You can clearly hear the smashing on the wedding video.

Rachel, the sis was Air Force, former ice skater with thighs that could stop a freight train (we called her Wonder Thighs). There she was with her lilac satin bridesmaid's gown hiked up around her waist, elegant up-do falling down, and bouquet shredded all over the church yard - basically sitting on Cheryl's face, pinning her shoulders with those magnificent thighs. Cheryl had been making the groom and family miserable for months so Rachel seized the opportunity to take Cheryl down... all the way down... I'm talking DOWNTOWN!