Prancercise has four modes: badass, badass, badass and beast mode.

At first glance, this is obviously the work of a sketch comedian looking for "viral" hits. Then you realize that it's real. That this video was actually created with the intent to selling someone a black plastic box with magnetic tape inside that could be read in a machine that would play the footage to someone who was legitimately interested in learning this fitness technique. That's right: there was a time when people did stupid things on camera on purpose but not for the attention of doing something stupid. Some people just want to watch the world prance.

Some important pointers we noticed in Joanna Rohrback's Prancercise technique: When walking, spank the area just behind your butt to speed up your mind-horse. When trotting, be sure to pet the invisible horses to either side of you, and move like Baby rehearsing in Dirty Dancing. For galloping, be a bird! Obviously. For the trotting/shadowboxing/delusional nutjob segment of your workout, be sure to get visibly tired and fall behind the cameraman while you both get bored.

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Why is her book not called "How to Levitate Yourself and Horses"?

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