Those neon backgrounds were probably as traumatizing as anything she listed.


We're a few years into the twenty-teens now, but like every decade, we're inevitably giving in to nostalgia for the decade before last. But what's important is that we engage in the right kind of nostalgia. Like the 70s remembering the 50s as Happy Days instead of Korea, desegregation, thalidomide babies and hundreds of nuclear tests. The 80s saw the 60s as either relief from Reagan or the reason we needed him to cleanse us of those dirty hippies. The 90s remembered the 70s as Dazed and Confused and the 2000s saw the 80s as the perfectly stupid, vapid, self-centered decade to distract us from the terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad decade of the War on Terror, a rigged economy and George W. Bush. Hey, remember Darfur? No? Perfect.

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