They all come from different Sesame Streets all over the world.
(game via Flavour Machine, gif via Prosthetic Knowledge)

Of course, it had to be an educational game. Oh well. Sesame Street Fighter looks and sounds exactly as you would want, even though it's actually a typing game where the faster you can type new words compared to your opponent, the more blows you can deliver. While that's appropriate, given the Sesame Street angle, what's more interesting is how it got that awesome look.

I kinda feel like Sam the Eagle should have been Guile, but OK. (via gavacho13)

The background of this game reveals a perfect storm of Internet creativity: built by Juan David Gomez (@cocoalasca) with @ProcessingOrg's open software, hosted on Flavour Machine and inspired by drawings on DeviantART by gavacho13, this is pretty much how cross-pollination in the world we live in now works.

Cookie Monster doesn't do too well with words that don't start with "C." 
(via Prosthetic Knowledge)

So, go play the game for yourself on Flavour Machine. Like, right now. It's easy and fun.


(by Johnny McNulty)

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