Don't ruin thousands of years of human history by being dumb. (via Imgur)

Loving America is awesome and fun and it's proof you're not a filthy commie, sure, but why is it that the people who tend to love it the loudest are the people we'd most like to keep quiet? With the connectivity of Facebook you can now tarnish the image of Americans faster than ever! Here are some Facebook posts that offer a prime example of how a few rotten Facebook Americans can make us all look bad.


Can't wait for 2042 when people like this are the minority. (via Imgur)

Just barely a thought. (via Imgur)

Being American means being free to decide what each holiday celebrates!

Almost right! (via Imgur)

You stay in "Amarica." It's all yours.

That's only in the movie Independence Day.

Thank God I was never taught to speak "American" then.

Sure, this guy didn't post his own photo, but he's pretty much our national mascot at this point. Even the bald eagle salutes him.

Tom is what the tea party would call a "wet blanket."

Andrew has seen some really huge frigging flags in his day.

Yes you are, and our forefathers fought for your freedom to fuck that cannon.

It's arranged alphabetically, not by most-to-least obese.

We need more fake-hair wearing sons of rich dads who declare bankruptcy
over and over again. That'll put us back on top.

He was with them in spirit. Ghost Abe Lincoln never misses an alien fight.

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