He's looking down in the last photo like he just noticed he grew a new limb.
(via @Gawker)

Today, important Internet blog Gawker posted some images from the set of Idris Elba's new film Hundred Streets, and (as part of their enjoyable ongoing series, "Is This A Dick, Or What?") asked "Is This Idris Elba's Dick, Or What?" It was arguably the most important potential celebrity dong since Jon Hamm set the world on fire two summers ago with his shorts-busting bulge.


It was a fair question. It looked like that might just be Idris Elba's dick...but it's not. I say that not just because my own ego depends on it, but because I couldn't stop myself from staring right at his crotch until I had solved the mystery (stay in school, kids! You, too, can have an exciting career in blogging). 

The fold in the pants clearly show he dresses to the left. His left, not yours.
(via @Gawker)

First of all, THAT is his dick. Respectable dick. Fine dick. Human dick.

Secondly, you can clearly see in this picture that something has changed. That's because in this picture, he only has one thing in his pocket: a lighter. You can see the lit cigarette in his hand, along with one other item that was almost definitely in his pocket: a phone. This might be enough to have caused that gigantic illusion, but I'll further speculate that since Elba is English, he might prefer Dunhill cigarettes, which come in a wide, flat pack that would match up with the general shape of the bulge.

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