The last thing you want to see on your way to work.

Texas A&M veterinary professor Dr. Guan Zhu is lucky to be alive after surviving a head-on collision with a cement truck that looks like it was being driven by a drunk 7-year old. The dash cam footage of the crash is terrifying, but the craziest thing about it is the fact that everyone survived with minor injuries.

Isn't the point of the rotating container on the cement truck so the driver doesn't have to race around like he's delivering pizzas on a Friday night? The truck driver was reportedly given a ticket, which makes you wonder how much you get tagged for nearly killing several people after blowing through a red light with a speeding cement truck. Can a driver's license have a thousand points on it?

Zhu says he doesn't remember the crash, only the image of the truck at a 45-degree angle headed towards him. Luckily, thanks to the dash cam and the news coverage, he can now enjoy the footage from his epic encounter for the rest of his bonus days.


(by Jonathan Corbett)

Sources: Jalopnik