I'd say "David Bowie and David Hyde Pierce fused together in a teleporter accident."
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This terrifying dude right here is allegedly the friend of one redditor slupo, to whom he supplied this personal photo and the one below. I know what you're thinking: is he going to jump through the screen and kill me, or what? Surprisingly, no. It turns out that this mad scientist/inappropriate teacher/crooked cop is actually an acting teacher, and as far as I can tell, not a murdering one. 

What about a warehouse manager who's secretly trying to be the best serial killer?
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On the first day of class, in what I presume was an attempt to teach kids about how cruel and arbitrary show business can be, he asked his students to give him a list of roles they thought he would be good for based solely on "first impressions and looks." What he got back were a surprising number of shifty/scary/weird roles, although to be fair, some people put him in the nice-but-pathetic category, or in the category of a generic stuffy grown-up. One person even thought he'd be a good "Flirty Doctor." For the most part, however, this could not have been good for his self-esteem:

1) Pathetic sexless dad. 2) Pathetic sexless nerd. 3) Untrustworthy authority figure.
4) Murderer, but specifically a creepy one. Not a suave one.


(by Johnny McNulty)

Sources: redditor slupo