Cool parents let you get a tattoo. Cooler parents get a tattoo to match you.

Now she's gonna want a rose and cross. (via Michelle Rawlins)

18-month-old Honey-Rae Phillips is a very lucky girl.

She was born with a large reddish birthmark that stretches up the outside of her right leg onto her back. Even though it's just a harmless birthmark, Honey-Rae's parents Adam and Tanya worried that their daughter would be made fun of, and that she might feel ashamed someday of her unique skin pattern.

They often kept her leg covered up to avoid the curious stares and whispers of strangers. But after a distressing incident where they caught strangers doing just that, they decided to do something more drastic to help Honey-Rae embrace her special mark.

They got tattoos to match her.

Adam got his back in December and Tanya got hers just last week.

(via Michelle Rawlins)

When the swelling in Tanya's tattoo went down, she showed her daughter.

Tanya told the Mirror that Honey-Rae "gently touched it and smiled as she said 'Match,' pointing to her own leg….She now constantly touches mine and Adam's tattoos then her own birthmark and giggles—I couldn't be happier."


I'm guessing these are not tattoos they will ever regret.

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