This guy is really feeling how viral this video is.


The next time you're in the English city of Preston (pop. 114,000), be sure to check out the hottest nightclub in town and on the Internet, Bounce by the Ounce. This local gem recently made a promo video to attract new visitors, and it was so effective that it racked up almost 8 times Preston's population in views in the month since it was released. What was the secret to their viral marketing success? Two words: Crazy Guy. I've cued the promo video up so you can skip straight to his glory (it's at 1:40 in case you need to find it):

This one club goer, who looks like someone gave a vampire-zombie from I Am Legend way too much MDMA, has secured Bounce by the Ounce a place in the Bad Local Commercials Hall Of Fame. Not that the owners of Bounce by the Ounce sounded happy about it on Facebook (although they did sound EXACTLY how I'd imagine English nightclub owners to sound):

Let's just hope they don't see this article.

Some have wondered whether it's mean for websites to make fun of a small business in a small city for their low-budget ad that was only meant to be seen by local audiences. To those people, I say "this is what the Internet was built for." Well, it was built to share information between computers at the Department of Defense, leading research universities, and defense contractors, but immediately after that, the most important original use for the Internet was sharing ridiculous local ads that you previously had to painstakingly capture on VHS and then physically show someone in person.

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