We fix your transmission. We do not encourage safe driving. That's government job.

Hopefully going viral will help this local automaker's business, even though the vast majority of people watching it are nowhere near Los Angeles or Burbank. Maybe the idea behind viral marketing here is that someone breaks down, and when they get so bored waiting for AAA they look up funny videos on their phone and boom! If they're within towing distance of the place they're there. Assuming that ever happens. Well, the next time we're in Burbank, CA to do The Tonight Show, we're just going to rent a car and purposely bottom out on a hill so we can visit Arlen's Transmission. Actually, we probably won't have to wreck the car on purpose because we're from New York and every time we leave our pedestrian-friendly paradise/hellhole we have to act out a comical scene where we re-learn to drive and put others in danger.


Here's their website, which is worth checking out for the circa-2000 intro animations (don't click through, just let them play): 

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