TUMBLEDOWN?! Are you f**king kidding me? TUMBLEDOWN???

I now present you with a short play, written by the people who thought this was appropriate:

ACT I, SCENE 1—Downtown New York Apartment

JANICE, a fiery redheaded Asian businesswoman, watches TV with TOM, a fat man who tries unsucessfully to make a living on E*Trade. 

JANICE: Hey, do you remember when those buildings tumbled down twelve years ago?

TOM: Yeah, that was a shitty day for my E*Trade account. Hey, that reminds me: Tumble Down. Tumbledown! Tumbledown Trails golf course is having a special today!

JANICE: There's a Tumbledown special on 9/11?!

TOM: I know, it really came out of nowhere! Check it out: to commemorate 9/11, Tumbledown trails is offering 9 holes with a cart for just $9.11.

JANICE: What are we waiting for? Let's go!

TOM: Hold on! Tumbledown hasn't even hit you with the second part of the deal! You can play 18 holes with a cart for the unforgettable price of $19.11! Sure, that's more than twice the price of 9 holes, but the effect of hitting everything all at once is what 9/11 is all about!

JANICE: Let's make sure to like them on Facebook, and then let's roll!

TOM: Great! But we have to hurry, the offer is one day only! After September 11th, nothing will be the same!


Apparently they've apologized and stuff, which you can see below, thanks to Deadspin, who has more post-9/11-deal coverage:

Sources: Deadspin