You just got owned by Ask Amy. (photo via Towleroad)

This week, a concerned parent wrote in to "Ask Amy," the Washington Post's syndicated advice column, asking what to do about her son being gay. She described her fears that people in her church group would find out and then "make fun of me for having a gay child." (People in church groups are jerks, apparently.) Even though this mother had tried to "reason" with her child to stop being gay, he was being petulant and wouldn't stop. She suspected it was because she forgot his birthday "for the past three years."

Whether the letter was real or not (could anyone really forget their kid's birthday three years in a row? Fail to get them what they want, sure, but forget entirely?), Ask Amy decided to treat it as a teaching moment for the many people who do think this way. Her response (above), was kickass. Basically, she suggested the mom try out being gay for a year to show her son how easy it is to switch your sexuality. Oh wait. NOT.

It was the perfect way to turn the whole "you're just not trying hard enough" response to homosexuality on its head. Here's the full letter and reply:

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