It's hard enough to deal with your own (f*cked-up) life without the added pressure of letting down your loved ones.


Here are some situations that can easily be reimagined in Grandma-speak:

1. "Are you dating anyone nice?"

You've just been broken up with by someone that you didn't even like that much and you're more annoyed that they beat you to it than you are heartbroken. Still, the last 3 relationships have been failures ranging from disappointing to painful. You're crazy, they're crazy, and nothing shows any sign of changing any time soon.

2. "How are you getting along at work?"

The only thing you currently hate more than your mostly non-existent love life is your piece of crap job. Your boss is a sociopath who subsists on a diet of telephone calls and Starbucks. No one seems to notice you much, unless you're not there, in which case everything needs to be done immediate and you are apparently the only one capable of doing it.